The Best Plants for All year Round Colour

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Wouldn’t it be lovely to have your garden or patios looking radiant all year round? You can achieve this by planting the right perennial plants.

Not all perennials blossom all through the year. However, you can plant the outdoor or houseplants that add beauty and colour to your space every month.

These plants can either be in containers or planted in the soil outdoors. Fortunately, there are many designs of containers that can add more aesthetic appeal when used indoors or on patios.

While some of these plants add colour by displaying beautiful flowers, others have brightly coloured leaves and stem that look very nice. I have found some of these plants; continue reading to learn more about them.

Viburnum opulus

These beautiful white flowers are known to blossom in late spring just before summer. The flowers glow in all their beauty, and by autumn, the red berries can be spotted. That’s not all; the leaves also display different shades of red which compliments the other beautiful features.


This shrub has beautiful dark green leaves which look exceptionally remarkable because of their consistency. People can see the bright red berries at the end of the year; they always look radiant against the dark green leaves.

Witch Hazel

These plants can be found looking beautiful in spring, autumn, and winter. They feature yellow scented leaves which turn to a shade of orange over time. Their leaves turn deep red in autumn giving the plant an amazing look.

Dwarf Narcissus

These beautiful perennials are perfect for the borders of a garden. All through the year, the deep green leaves look wonderful. The berries blossom into bright yellow flowers that have a captivating look. They are also great for use indoors or on patios.


Tulips are known to present a colourful display when the heads blossom. They come in different colours and form a wide carpet of consistent and beautiful colours when planted in designated areas. Tulips look great with other flowering plants because they grow taller forming a beautiful pattern above smaller flowers.

Cercus Canadensis

The leaves of this plant are the main attraction. All year round they change into different amazing colours. The leaves are naturally a light violet shade. By spring, the leaves have a beautiful purple colour, in autumn; the heart-shaped leaves turn yellow.


This miniature looking plant grows into a dense bunch of beautifully coloured flowers which can be purple, white, or pink depending on the species. The flowers give off a nice scent and can be found blossoming from spring till autumn.

One of the top reasons you need these long-lasting, beautiful plants in your garden is they make perfect border markers. Their beautifully coloured flowers and leaves define the garden layout and also add to its beauty. Fortunately, it is easy to maintain many of these plants. So go ahead, make a selection and find out how soon your local horticulturist can deliver.


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